AI Technical

Hugging Face go to website for models
Mistral ai LLM
Stability ai audio and language models
Anthropic Free to use
Open ai services such as chat gpt and dale
Microsoft autogen agent conversation framework
ML.NET ML models in Visual Studio

AI Libraries

LangChain LLMs into software
FLAML library for auto ml and tuning
LamaIndex the power of llm over your data
Lamini model
Auto train models
Unsloth models
Candle face library for Rust Language

AI Tools

Invoke ai AI image generation and inpainting
Automatica 1111 AI image generation and inpainting
Elevenlabs to audio service
LM Studio LLM locally
d-id AI talking heads for content


chroma db to use python database for embeddings
postgresql database but useful for vector databases and json storage

Rust frameworks

dioxus is a Rust library for building apps that run on desktop, web, mobile, and more.
leptos cutting-edge Rust framework for the modern web.


ai short courses


Llama Index